Transportation Research Center at Iran University of Science & Technology has started its activity in school of Civil Engineering in 2001. Road Safety Research Center (RSRC) and Traffic Research Laboratory as active arms of Iran University of Science & Technology were established in 2007 and 2009 respectively.
Traffic Research Laboratory has provided a strong traffic and transportation foundation for conducting projects in transportation and traffic engineering fields and has been equipped with different kinds of transportation software to assist with analysis of complex traffic and transportation projects.
TRLIUST is one of the most active traffic centers for research and development which has been established under the supervision of Dr.Shariat in collaboration with transport and traffic engineers and aims to continue its activities within the country and overseas.

Key Skills

  • Transportation Master Planning
  • Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
  • Macro and Micro Traffic Simulation Modelling
  • Traffic Design and Management
  • Study and design of Public Transportation Facilities
  • Big Data Analysis
  • Pedestrian 3D Modelling


  • Design and Analyses of Pedestrian Facilities
  • Traffic Impact Studies
  • Emergency Transportation Network Design
  • Geographical Information system (GIS) application in Transportation Engineering
  • Traffic Survey and Data Collection
  • Road Safety Audit
  • Transportation and Traffic Training Courses

Key Personnel

Managing Director

Afshin Shariat Mohaymany

Professor at IUST
Traffic & Transportation Executive

Projects Director

Ali Naderan

Traffic & Transportation Executive

Overseas Projects Director

Ali Kayam

Traffic & Transportation and Road Safety Principal

Database & GIS Manager

Ms Matin Shahri 

GIS and Transportation Planning Specialist

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