National Projects

TRLIUST has successfully completed the following projects on time and within the given budget:


  • Simulation of critical and heavily trafficked intersections in Karaj City
  • Development of  comprehensive models for heavy vehicle driver’s behaviour
  • Comprehensive freight movement studies in Mashhad
  • Improvement studies to enhance safety and traffic conditions in Mahshahr special zone (Details)
  • Calibration of traffic flow simulation software with respect to driver’s behaviour in Tehran (Details)
  • Design of Tehran emergency transportation network for earthquake (Details)
  • Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) study for enhancing Sadr highway capacity and to assist design of  Niyayesh-Sadr tunnel
  • Pedestrian modelling and simulation in Tehran (Details)
  • Feasibility Study of Highway Simulation in Tehran (Tehran Highways Simulation with a Network of 500km Roads) (Details)
  • Study of highway management in Shahran-Damavand corridor, Tehran (Details)
  • Study of highway management in Hemmat corridor, Tehran (Details)
  • Traffic impact studies of Sayyad tunnel
  • Taxi regulation studies in Tehran (Details)
  • Road network analysis and planning studies based on 2015 survey data
  • Modeling integrated public transportation of Shiraz,Iran (Ongoing)
  • Evaluation of Traffic demand management of Tehran (Ongoing)